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Are .Com Domains Dead? With almost 700 new choices… do you need to switch? <tweet this>

Over the next few days over 700 new domain extensions will be released to the public…. and the new “land grab” is on…  <tweet this>

For many years now, getting a good domain was (and still is) critical for a good online presence… not to mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Up until now the only real choice has been a .Com as 90%+ of consumers assume that your website will be a .Com so for practical purposes .Net, .Org, even the widely advertised .Co were not widely adopted by the masses.

Great domain names are short, easy to remember and descriptive of what you do… so now what? <tweet this>

Up until now, to get a great domain you needed to do hours of searching… and be cleaver…domain names are getting longer if you want a .Com simply because most of the good ones are taken…

For Search Engine rankings, you also wanted a domain name that is a “keyword phrase” that is directly related to your business.. this helped get your site ranked.  Soooooo… with all of the new domains, what will happen with search rankings?

With over 700 to choose from, a great, short domain name is easy to find… but is it worth it??  <tweet this>

Yesterday, if you wanted a great domain for a flower shop in Sacramento, CA,  you would try to get something like  however since there is now a .flower and .flowers domain, you could have http://Sacramento.Flowers  … a great domain for sure!! BUT, will the public remember it??

Chances are, if you tell someone your website is  http://Sacramento.Flowers, they will remember it… however when they get home and type it in it will actually come out as we have been trained for years to believe that all domains are .Com’s.

Will Google Search Index and Rank Websites Based On The New Extensions??  <tweet this>

From an SEO Guys point of view… we are headed into the world of the unknown!!  Forever, Google has indexed and ranked all websites based on one word…. relevancy. Then the search results try to reflect the most relevant websites for the search term you entered… simple concept… but very difficult to get right… and Google has done the best job of all search engines… that’s why they are the 600lb gorilla!

How is flooding the internet with 700 more domain extensions going to effect your Google Rankings?? <tweet this>

Unfortunately, only time will tell…  Google rarely gives us a heads up on what their search engine algorithms are doing… so really only time will tell…

Here’s a list of all of the new domains in English (there are more in other languages) <tweet this>




















































Facebook is Useless for Sacramento Small Business Marketing

Using Facebook to Market Your Business is No Longer a Viable Option!  <tweet this>

Over the past few months we have seen major changes to Facebook’s TOC and Privacy Policies… and, although it’s good for Facebook and their users, it’s not good for marketing your business.

In the past, every post you made on your time line was at least seen by 20%-30% of your FB “Friends”… that is no longer the case… If you are an avid Facebook user, you will have noticed that you only see posts from a few of the people that you interact with… and that is all. As a matter of fact, if you don’t go in and “Follow” or set the notifications to show your friends posts… chances are, you won’t see them!

Ask yourself a simple question… and answer it honestly… How many customers have you actually gotten from Facebook?


Do you track your ROI from Facebook?  <tweet this>

If you track where you get business from… then you would have (or should have) dropped all interest in Facebook marketing over a year ago. However, so many, so called, Social Media Marketing Experts will tell you that with a billion people on Facebook you cannot ignore it…. well, the question is, how many of those billion people are you connected with? Easy….  you can have a maximum of 5000 friends (how many do you have?) and you can see exactly how many “Likes” your business pages has….

The self proclaimed Social Media Experts will also tell you that you cannot measure the ROI from Social Media…. I call BS!! Finding out where your customers come from is paramount!! So ask them! They will tell you!

Sacramento marketing seo local small business stop wasting time on Facebook

Facebook Business Pages (Fan Pages)
are Practically Useless… <tweet this>

From the beginning of Facebook Business Pages, or Fan Pages, have been the only thing that Google actually indexes into Google Search… and well, Google still does… However, Google does not track or index any posts you put on Facebook….

With the recent changes your posts on your Business Page are only reaching 3%-5% of the people that “Like” your page!

You can increase the number of people that see your post… all you have to do is pay Facebook!  <tweet this>

Sacramento marketing seo small business Money In The ToiletFacebook Ads = Flushing Money Down The Toilet! <tweet this>

Many marketing companies will tell you that spending money on Facebook marketing is a good way to go…. Believe me, I have spend $1000’s testing Facebook ads… and the results are HORRIBLE!

You can promote a single post and it will be posted on your friends timeline… however it really depends on how many people are actually online and looking at their Facebook page when your post comes up… as if you miss the timing by 10-15 min, they will never see it!

Bottom Line if you are going to spend any money on paid ads… spend it on Google Adwords… it’s far more effective, especially done right! (need help setting up a great Adwords campaign? Call me! 916.672.8581)

Your Best (and really only) Chance of Reaching Your Facebook Audience is Auto Posting!  <tweet this>

The goal of any Facebook post (or any social media post for that matter) is to draw people to your website or blog… then you have a chance to “Sell” them…

We have found that using a service like Hootsuit to auto post to Facebook (and your other Social Media sites) can be a HUGE advantage… and will still drag some traffic from Facebook… learn more about using auto posting

Google+ and Twitter are the Best ROI from Social Media… period! <tweet this>

Google+ is by far the best place for you to spend your social media marketing time as every post you make is indexed into Google Search… and if you have a Google+ Business Page (and you should if you have a business) your posts tie back into your Google Local listings as well… plus increasing your rankings on Google Search and Google Local.  PLUS… if you have signed up for Google+ Authorship and tied it to your website, you are now able to achieve top rankings for each blog post… within hours of posting!!

Learn more about Google+ for your business

Learn more about Google+ Authorship

Twitter is still our top traffic referral site!  <tweet this>

Google+ is the most important Social Media site for your small business as it directly effects your rankings on Google Search…. however for pulling traffic to your website from Social Media, Twitter is still the king!

If you are active on Twitter, you can draw good traffic to your site fairly easily… plus if you are using Hootsuit you can post several times per day, thus maximizing traffic from Twitter… learn more here!

Bottom Line: Facebook is not worth spending any real time or money on to promote your small business….

The exception… If you are going to spend time on Facebook, then learn to interact with people and get conversations started on your posts… thus becoming “top stories” and more of your “Friends” will see your posts… still only about 20%… but it is better than what you are getting now…

Is Google Caffeine Effecting Your Search Rankings? Sacramento Local Small Business Marketing & SEO

First it was Google Panda, then Penguin, and now Caffeine has SEO companies running around like chickens with their heads cut off…
<tweet this>

Over the past 2 weeks we have seen some major changes once again from Google attempting to “clean up” search and deliver better results, has it worked?
<tweet this>

Most people forget that Google search is based on one simple word…. relevancy.

From the beginning Google’s #1 goal has been to return the most relevant results for the search query… Google’s ability to deliver the results you are looking for quickly is EXACTLY why they have grown to be the largest search engine on the planet…

Google Caffeine IS NOT an algorithm change… it is a change in the way websites are indexed! <tweet this>

The “SEO” to take advantage of Google Caffeine is really simple…

  • Make sure your website is focused on what you have to offer
  • Make sure the content on your site is RELEVANT!
  • Make sure your site is as fast as possible (yes speed counts!)
  • New RELATIVE content weekly (or daily is even better!)

The design of your website along with the speed that the information is presented is the whole key to Google Caffeine.

TIP: Remove or reduce the amount and size of the pictures on your website, this will help with speed

For many years now SEO companies have been “gaming” the Google system to achieve artificial rankings… at the heart of these champagnes has been massive link building campaigns to dummy sites and/or back linking from WordPress sites (in the comments) has been a common practice… and for a time worked very well, however that is no longer the case!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become big business with other big businesses paying huge amounts of money every month to achieve and keep their rankings… artificial or not…  but like all big business, it is slow to change, and in the REAL world of SEO, you need to be quick responding and flexible.

The truth is that many businesses have come through Panda and Penguin unaffected due to a lack of hard core SEO… OR they had a really good SEO company (or person) that understood that doing the right thing and not trying to “game the system”  would turn out better for their clients in the long run.

Every time Google makes an announced major change in their search algorithm it generates panic within the SEO community…  <tweet this>

Throughout the past year plus that Google has been “tweaking” the search algorithm, our results and our customers results have only gotten better… WHY? Because we don’t jump on any “bandwagons”, we don’t do massive link building campaigns… and we don’t try to “game the system”!!

What we do is simple… we pay close attention to what results are currently ranking and from where are those results being pulled. We then adjust our strategy to align with what Google is currently looking for… we test, and then we test some more… It’s not rocket science…  it’s actual work!

If you have been paying any attention to Google Search Results, you will of noticed the results of Google Authorship <tweet this>

Google Authorship is simply the MOST powerful marketing tool any company has at their disposal currently, however most businesses refuse to take advantage of this powerful system.  <tweet this>

Still not sure what Google Authorship is? Take a look at the screen shot below, you will see Google Authorship in action…

Google Authorship Paul Dilley Fast RankingsThis is the perfect example of Google Authorship… The Headline pulled right from the blog post, the picture pulled from my Google+ page and a link back to the blog post AND my Google+ page… This search ranking posted on page 1 of Google in less than 4 hours after I posted it.

Bottom Line: If your company has been effected by Google Panda, Penguin and/or Caffeine… then you need a new SEO company with a better strategy!!

<shameless plug> Want better search rankings quickly? We can help you!! Call today (916) 672-8581  </shameless plug>

Google Plus is about to become the most Powerful FREE Marketing Tool for Local Sacramento Small Business

Google is about to make Google+ a MUST HAVE for local Small Business <tweet this>


It’s no secret, Google has been merging Google Places (Google Maps) to Google+ Local, however the “game changer” is about to be released! <tweet this>


If you follow this blog at all, you know I have been expecting this update for quite some time. When Google bought Zagat (a ranking system) it was clear they had some big plans… but this goes way beyond what I was expecting!


Granted as of the writing of this post, Google has not made any official announcements, however there was a “Leak” on the Google Operating System Blog… and as the I/O conference is about to happen, I am thinking that this new program may be announced there…


Here is what has been “Leaked” on the Google Operating System Blog… <tweet this>

New Google Maps Interface

Google is about to launch a new interface for Google Maps. The update will remove the sidebar and will display everything on top of the full-screen map. One of the new features lets you restrict local search results to places recommended by top reviews or your Google+ circles.


Sacramento marketing seo local small business New Google Local Maps Interface


Sacramento marketing seo local small business New Google Maps Interface


It’s a more immersive interface that will probably work well on mobile devices. Instead of focusing on navigational elements, buttons and sidebars, the new Google Maps focuses on the map. Google has also updated map colors, icons, text styles.


On the surface the changes coming to Google Maps only looks like an Interface update…. but it is SOOOOO much more!!
<tweet this>

This update for Google Maps will further integrate Google+ Local and using the Zagat ranking system along with Google+ profiles you will now be able to see information on the map with “Real” reviews from people you know (or at least you are connected to within Google+)

For those of you that just missed that bombshell…. Google will now be ranking your business on the map based on consumer reviews on Google+!!! <tweet this>

Fact:  Movie Studios spend Millions of dollars advertising a new movie to get you to go and see it… but all it takes is someone you know to say, “Yeah, I saw that… it sucked” and you will re-think going to the theater and maybe wait for it to come out on DVD or Netfilx…

Apply that same logic to reviews of local businesses and you have a VERY powerful marketing tool! It’s no secret that reviews sell or discourage… and if that review is by someone you know… then it’s even more powerful!

Ok, so why is the New Google Maps Interface so important to your Local Business? <tweet this>

Less than 40% of the Small Businesses within the U.S. are currently on the Google Maps (Google Places) and with Google continuing to integrate Google+ with Google Local, YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS be part of Google+!!

I know you think Google+ is no where near as big as Facebook… However Google+ is FAR better for your Local Business!!
<tweet this>

Facebook may have over a Billion users, however you have no way to reach all of them… at least effectively. Look, people do not go to Facebook to find businesses, they go to hang out with their “Friends” and “Bitch” about current events. With all of the new advertising spam all over Facebook, people are actually getting “numb” to it… and completely ignoring the advertisers.  Having said all of that, people do, from time to time, ask for recommendations for a plumber or mechanic or something like that… and quite frankly, that is the absolute BEST way anyone can get business, however it is not reliable and you can’t Pay for more.


Google+ has ZERO advertising… Because Google doesn’t need the money! Google makes their money with search, and as they merge Google+, Google Places (Google Maps), Reviews and other programs you may see some ads down the road… but nothing like the Ad Spam on Facebook!


Bottom line:  If you own a Business, large or small, you NEED Google+! Get your business set up ASAP with a personal profile for you (the owner) and a business page. From there, I would recommend that you ask every customer that you have contact with to connect on Google+, do this and you will be rewarded long term!!

Building a Successful Small Business is Easy if you know the Secret! | Sacramento Marketing & SEO

The secret to a successful small business is not rocket science… it’s planning <tweet this>

Success formula: Offer what people want, provide it at a reasonable price and make sure everyone knows you have it.
<tweet this>

The success formula seems simple… and well… it is! However, it’s not so simple actually implementing it correctly!

In the past, the 3 most important things in starting a new business were… “Location, Location, Location”. The physical location of  a new local business used to be THE most important “advertising” for getting new business and to a point… still is, however in today’s world I would argue that it is even more important to have the best “Location” on Google Search.

If you can dominate the search results on Google for the “Keywords” or “Keyword Phrases” that relate to your business, then you will have a steady stream of new customers hitting your website…. so as long as you have a good website that is compelling, and offers some kind of incentive to “give you a try” then you should have no problem building your business.

Wait… did you miss it?? There is that MASSIVELY HUGE word again… IF…

So IF you can dominate the search results…  your customers will come. Much easier said than done I’m afraid… This entire website (http://SmallBusiness– has been dedicated to helping you achieve your goals on dominating the search results on Google. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process is neither quick nor easy, it requires work and keeping up with the current trends.

Personally I cannot see how a small business owner could possibly be able to do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) AND the Social Media Engagement required to dominate the search results… how could they possibly have the time? The truth is, that most of the small businesses that do their own SEO end up not having very good results, thus they don’t get the business they need to increase business.

Be a “MOBILE FIRST” business! It’s 2013 people… the Smartphone is taking over the world… and your business is getting lost! <tweet this>

By the end of 2013 more searches will be done on mobile devices (Smart Phones & Tablets) than will be done on computers… Is your business easy to find on mobile search?? <tweet this>

It’s easy to find out what your customers are seeing when they search for you using their mobile device… use yours! Choose the keyword phrases people would use to find your business on Google (yes Google… Google owns 98% of mobile search). No sure what keywords you should be looking for?? Click here and learn how to use the Google Keyword tool!!


If you cannot see your business listed on the first page of mobile results… NEITHER CAN YOUR CUSTOMERS!!  You are loosing business every min of every day! <tweet this>

Time is money folks, hire into your weaknesses <tweet this>

One of the best pieces of business advice I ever got was “Hire your Weaknesses”… so what does it mean??  Simple, you are an expert at what you do.. your business.. no matter what that business is (and you better be if you are going to have a chance in hell of surviving as a small business!!).  However, YOU CANT BE AN EXPERT at everything! You need to have someone that is an expert in Taxes, in legal matters, in Insurance etc… and most importantly in MARKETING!

Hiring someone that is in your are to market your business only makes sense… they know the area and they know what works and what doesn’t… if you go be the best YOU, you can be and have GREAT people to handle the stuff you are not good at, you now have a winning combination!

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy… be part of the solution <tweet this>

It’s estimated that small businesses employ of 90% of Americans, so with everyone directing their spending at big chain stores like Walmart, Target and the like, is it any wonder that  1 out of 5 people are unemployed?

80% of every dollar spent at a locally owned and run business stays in your community!! <tweet this>

Did you realize that 60% of the money you spend at a chain store like Walmart or Target gets sent out of your community?? These and other interesting facts are here (

All is not lost yet… YOU can make a difference! If YOU, change your shopping habits to redirect the money you are spending to locally owned and operated businesses, and encourage others to do the same thing, WE can change our economy…. even without the governments help or approval!  You see, if YOU and all of your friends, and ME and all of my friends (and so on) spend our hard earned money at locally owned businesses, they will get busier…. as they get busier, they will need help… so you just helped create a local job… and so on… it’s simple really!

If you are a local small business owner… Lead by Example! Shop Local and support other businesses that do the same thing! <tweet this>

Hire local…. if you hire someone from the neighborhood, then other local people will buy from you to support their friends…

Even if you are so small that you cannot hire any employees, then at least hire local professionals to help you with your business… Local CPA’s, Lawyers, Marketing People etc… Again, your money, spent locally will stay in the local community and will benefit everyone… locally!

Bottom Line: What’s the secret to a successful small business?? Hire experts in areas you are not good at and make sure you get a GREAT SEO person on company! Deal with local people and spend your money with locally owned and operated small businesses whenever possible to keep the money in YOUR community. Help and encourage others to do the same thing… Together we are stronger!!


Mobile Phone Marketing 2013 | Sacramento Small Business Marketing & SEO

The Mobile Phone has taken over… Communication, Search, Social Media, Shopping and more… <tweet this>

If your business is not doing any Mobile Phone Marketing you are shooting yourself in the foot!! <tweet this>

If it aint broke, don’t fix it… no longer works in 2013! YOU NEED a Mobile Phone Marketing Program FAST! <tweet this>

Ok, so Mobile Phone Search has not yet surpassed online search… but it looks like it will by 2014!! <tweet this>

In today’s world… the pic below is typical of people everywhere! Admit it… you are one of them…

Sacramento marketing seo local small business The mobile phone is taking over the world

The Mobile Phone has become such an integrated part of our daily lives that chiropractors may soon have a new neck condition to deal with!

Google and Nielsen have published research showing just how important mobile has become in the buying process.

See the full study:

Here are five of the studies most compelling mobile search stats and tips for leveraging the mobile revolution:

Convenience and Speed - Mobile Searches - Google Survey

Most searches on mobile devices occur because of how quickly people can access them. Remember, humans are basically lazy… so booting up a computer to do a quick search is no longer happening… people are reaching for their mobile phones instead.

1. 81% of people prefer mobile search for convenience and speed <tweet this>

We have all done it… been at work or home with access to a computer to do a search.. but grab our mobile phone because it’s within arms reach… only to be frustrated with the results. Because most businesses do not have a mobile phone marketing program AND a mobile phone optimized web site… even if you find the info you are looking for, the websites are slow and hard to navigate.

The lesson here is to provide the information mobile searchers are looking for on a mobile optimized website that concentrates on the speed and convenience that smartphones provide.

Your content should address customer problems outlined in quick-hitting, need-based search queries. View analytic data from mobile devices, the search terms they use and the landing pages at which they arrive.

 2. 45% of mobile searches are “goal-oriented” and “locally targeted” <tweet this>

Because searchers have a goal in mind—whether it’s too research or purchase—your mobile website should be ready for them. Testing your mobile site to ensure it is accessible for everything a mobile visitor might need from white papers to demos to easy checkout. Don’t forget an easy way to find you… an address is ok, but a link to a Google Map will give them driving direction!!

Note: Use “click-to-call” tracking with your phone number on your site and tie that into Google Analytics.

3. 17% of people make a purchase after a mobile search! Can people purchase directly off of your mobile website?? <tweet this>

When people conduct a mobile search, they may be near the end of the buying cycle and ready to convert. If your mobile website is not set up to make that sale… you just lost money!

Since 52 percent of those purchases occurred in a store, be sure to make basic information like your address, a map, phone number, and your business hours are easy to find for brick and mortar locations.

Don’t forget to include enough in-depth content to make the sale, though. Of purchases made after a mobile search, 17 percent occurred on a mobile device.

Only 17 percent of mobile searches occur on the go. More than three-quarters occur when people are close to a computer.

4. Only 12% of the population use mobile phones because they lack a computer <tweet this>

Since people tend to believe that the convenience of a smartphone trumps the larger screen of a computer, you must ready your website for mobile.

Consider using responsive design, a method that fits your website to whatever size screen the visitor uses. Another way to appeal to mobile users is to create customized sites for smartphones, tablets and computers.

Note: Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Responsive designs automate what your customers see… however they do not give you any control…

5. 77% of mobile searches occur at home or work while near a computer! <tweet this>

Mobile Search Locations - Google Survey

Mobile doesn’t always mean on-the-go. You may think your product, service or company isn’t conducive to mobile, but mobile is where your customers are searching even when they have access to a computer. Therefore your site needs to be mobile friendly… PERIOD!

Not a day goes by where I don’t use my mobile phone for something… either checking in, searching for something, getting directions to a meeting, or simply spending time on Social Media…

Think of this… if you are running late in the morning, however you realize after you left that you forgot your wallet, more than likely you won’t go back for it… but if it was your mobile phone you forgot… you would turn around! (Admitting it is the first step…)

Note: Be wary of creating a mobile site ( as it harms SEO!


Bottom Line: It’s not too late, but EVERY businesses should have already prepared for mobile well before the start of 2013. Have YOU?? <tweet this>


Your Customers are “Checking-In” on Social Media Everyday! | Sacramento Small Business Marketing & SEO

Your customers are “Checking-In” on Foursquare, Facebook, and Google+… should you care?  <tweet this>

30 Million People “Check-In” using Foursquare, Facebook and/or Google+ every day! How do you use this to your advantage? <tweet this>

Your customers are talking about your business on Social Media… are you part of the conversation?… You Should be! <tweet this>

Every day, Millions of consumers check-in using Foursquare, Facebook, Google+ and other Social Media sites… as a business owner YOU SHOULD care about what they are saying!!

Personally I am a long term user of Foursquare… and most days I check in at 3-5 different businesses. At first, it was the marketing guy in me that wanted to “Tryout” the Foursquare program to see how many people were using it, how the system worked etc… you know… Test EVERYTHING!

After 2+ years of using Foursquare and being the mayor of several local businesses, I can tell you this is an UNTAPPED source of new customers that very few local businesses take advantage of.

NOTE: On Foursquare, if you have the most check-ins at a location in a given month, you become “The Mayor”

Any business can reach hundreds or even thousands of potential new customers with every check in!! <tweet this>

Something that seems to have gone largely unnoticed by the small business marketing guru’s is the real power of the check in. Most people that are faithful Foursquare users have both Facebook and Twitter sharing set up… so every check-in not only gets seen by your friends on Foursquare it also gets seen by your friends and/or followers on Facebook and Twitter!

Foursquare offers free tools to small business owners to engage and reward your customers for checking in… check it out!!

Checking in on Facebook and/or Google+ has the added advantage of being able to “Tag” your friends that are with you! <tweet this>

Friend tagging while checking in at a local business also increase the number of people that see the check in… when you tag someone, their friends and followers also see the check in so you can see how reaching thousands of new potential customers is possible.  As a business owner, if you can find these posts about your business, then “Like” and comment on them… your message will also reach the friends and friends of friends connected within Social Media.

All you have to do is put in some effort… the rewards are HUGE!!

People love attention… especially on social media… Likes, Mentions, Shares, Retweets and Comments are very powerful tools for small business! <tweet this>

Everyone loves to have their posts recognized with “Likes”, “Shares”, Retweets and Comments  that they are pushing out to social media… it makes them feel special. When the business they are talking about is the one that is “Liking”, “Sharing”, Retweeting and Commenting on your post, it really makes you feel like your are dealing with a company that actually cares!!

It is easy enough to use the “search” feature on Twitter and Google+ to find people that are posting things about your business if they mention the name of your business… if you do a search 2-3 times a day, then engage with the people that are posting… you will gain more friends and followers, PLUS you will also boost their ego… thus keeping your business “top of mind” for the next time they are looking for the products or services you have to offer.

Facebook is far more difficult to manage as if you are not “Friends” with the people that are posting stuff about your business… you cannot see it or search for it…  so Hopefully they are doing an @mention of your Facebook Business Page when posting… that way you will be able to see and respond to their post…

As a local small business owner, you should take advantage of all of the FREE advertising possible… so you NEED to embrace the “Check-in” <tweet this>

Recently I “checked in” at a local grocery store, and also left a tip using Foursquare… whenever I “check in”, it is shared with Facebook and Twitter… interestingly enough, about an hour later, I saw that I had a “Like” and a “Reply” on Twitter…. much to my surprise, it was from the grocery store!! They thanked me for visiting and also liked and commented on the “Tip” that I left…. over the next hour or so, several more people “liked” and “replied” on my Twitter posts for this local grocery store… Needless to say… they have a GREAT social media person that is on top of anything posted about their business….

Offering Rewards to your customers that “Check-in” will really put you on the map!! <tweet this>sacramento_marketing_small_business_seo_special_offer

Posting a sign asking people to “Check-In” is easy enough… then adding a reward for checking in like a 10% off coupon for the next time they visit will keep them coming back and sharing with their friends!! PLUS using the “Mayor” rewards to recognize and reward your most “Loyal” customers… this too will promote competition and more people checking in…

Apply the FREE tools that Foursquare offers to businesses and a bit of your time and you will be rewarded!! <tweet this>

If you take the time to monitor the check-ins for your business on Foursquare, then like and comment on those check-ins you will be one of the less than 1% of businesses that do….. SO, IF you want your business to stand out and be “Top of Mind” this simple process will really make your business stand out.

Also taking the time to search Google+ and Twitter for your business name 2-3 times a day, then responding to the posts will also help you stand out!!

Bottom Line: Take the time to use the “Check-In” to your advantage. Your customers are currently checking in.. why not make your business stand out by engaging and rewarding them!

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Social Media Marketing and Management Made Easy | Sacramento Small Business Marketing SEO

Are you overwhelmed with trying to keep up with your Social Media?
<tweet this>

To reach the maximum number of people you need to be posting 10-20 times a day… everyday… are you? <tweet this>

Do you use a Social Media Management tool like Tweet Deck or Hootsuite?? You should be!

In today’s world, people LOVE their Social Media… however, several factors influence the success of your postings. Where, What, When, and How are all VERY important to successful Social Media Marketing. You need help to maximize your Social Media Marketing… so why not use a GREAT FREE tool!!

The 60/40 rule, 60% Auto Post – 40% Engagement is the key to Social Media Success! <tweet this>

Auto posting is GREAT, however it cannot be the ONLY thing you do… Engaging with the people you are connected with on Social Media is still the most Powerful thing you can do, however… you have a business to run and you cannot spend every moment on Social Media… that’s where the auto posting comes in.

There are many great tools available for Social Media Management, so you will need to choose the one you like the best. For this article we are looking at Tweetdeck and Hootsuite… the two most commonly used platforms.

Both tools are great a consolidating all of your social media into one place so it is easy to see what’s new, however recently Hootsuite added in Google+ as a connectable Social Media for both monitoring and posting… so at least for now Hootsuite has my full attention!

Tweetdeck has been, for a few years now, my goto… however since Tweetdeck has been bought by Twitter, they really stopped improving it for any network other than…. well … Twitter. So if you have multiple Twitter accounts and you want to monitor and/or schedule posts just for Twitter and Facebook… Tweet deck is still a good choice.

Hootsuite caught my attention as soon as they started including Google+, many of the other Social Media Management tools don’t!? There are many things I like about Hootsuite… one of witch is the auto time schedule when setting up your next day (or week) of posts. The major bummer of Hootsuite is that with the free version you can only connect 5 Social Media accounts… any more than that and you need to pay them. Now, I understand that they need to make a buck on this wonderful platform they have created, however if you are going to charge maybe you should make it to where you can connect with more sites than just Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress, My Space & Mixi.

NOTE: Mixi is Japan’s biggest Social Media Network!

My advice is to try out a few of the different Social Media Management tools and find the one you like…

NOTE: Tweet Deck mobile will be discontinued on May 5, 2013… the Web version will still function the same. <tweet this>

What is auto posting and how do I use it? <tweet this>

Auto Posting is simply creating posts that are scheduled to go out to your Social Media Networks throughout the day. Now as simple as that sounds… it’s really not that simple!

Posting something just to post something is…. well…  useless! Not only useless, but it really is SPAM! So if you are going to use auto posting choose things that are interesting, informative, funny etc…

If you have read any of the posts on this blog… you will notice that many of the “headlines” on the page have a <tweet this> “tag” at the end… this is not only a very powerful tool for having your visitors share your blog on Twitter, but it will also help you with auto posting! Want to know more about setting up <tweet this> tags? Click here!

You will notice that in this post, there are many headlines with many <tweet this> tags… each of the <tweet this> tags are pre-written Headlines with the appropriate hash tags and a link back to this post, so when you use the scheduling feature of your Social Media Management tool to set up auto posting… most of the work is already done. Using the <tweet this> tags for your auto posts… it will make your life MUCH EASIER!

Headlines need to GRAB People’s Attention.. then drive them back to your website or blog  <tweet this>

No matter what network you are posting to… a GREAT headline will drive traffic to your website/blog. We have found that bold statements, sarcastic statements and questions for headlines work very well, however the best headline by far is one that is somewhat controversial…

Sacramento marketing seo small business test everythingTest Test Test… the key to success for any marketing! <tweet this>

Testing the headlines you use is easy… use a URL shortner like or to create unique, track-able URL’s


Headline writing is a skill… one that you need to master! <tweet this>

The more you write, and test the headlines you use, the better you will become at writing them… and the better they will draw in new traffic.

When you post your auto posts is MORE important than what you post! <tweet this>

You can make the best post ever at the wrong time of day and no one will see it… So it is extremely important that you pay attention to the time of day that you are posting. Personally, we set up posts to go 24/7 and we track when we get the best click through rates… then concentrate more postings in those time frames.

The trick is to TEST!! What works for us and draws traffic may not work for you and your business…  so you need to TEST and Track everything, then analyze the results to fine tune what you are doing. Also, you will start to see patterns emerge to the best times for you to be Live on Social Media to interact and engage with the maximum number of people that are interested in what you have to offer. Win Win!!

Bottom Line: Auto Posting done properly will help you identify when the best times to post are and the best time for you to be online and engaging with your potential customers. Spend the time to Test and track everything and you will be rewarded!

Identify Target Acquire – The true power of Google+ Communities | Sacramento Marketing SEO

The key to a successful marketing campaign is simple…


Market only to the people that are interested in what you have to offer! <tweet this>


What if your potential customers put themselves into categories for you… that would make marketing easier… RIGHT? <tweet this>


Google+ Communities are the answer to successfully marketing your business! <tweet this>



Sounds easy… Right? Well if you do it right… then, yes.. it is!

In today’s world… advertising can be spotted miles away… and your potential customers easily ignore it!

Case in point… if you are still a Facebook user, in your stream, Facebook is now “suggesting” pages you may like…. well that is Facebook advertising from people paying to gain “Like’s” for their page…  Have you seen this? Yes… Yes you have.. and you ignored it… didn’t you!

Posting crap like “Hire Us” or “Buy our Crap” ads don’t work on Social Media… what does?? <tweet this>

The key to successful Social Media Marketing is in the name…. “Social”! <tweet this>

Why soooooo many businesses cannot grasp this simple concept is beyond me… but, master this and you will have a steady stream of new customers… FOREVER!

First, find the communities that contain your potential customers… i.e.   If you are looking for businesses to market your products or services to, then a good community to get involved with is “Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business” ( or you can even find more localized communities for business like  “Sacramento Area Businesses” (, The search function in the communities section will help you find the best communities for you…

Once you join a community… DON’T SPAM IT WITH ADS!! Go through and READ, Share, +1 and Comment on things that you find interesting or agree or disagree with. BE INTERACTIVE!

Also…Introduce yourself, and let people know about you and what you are passionate about.. without being an advertisement!!

Ask questions… ask for advice… give advice… GET INVOLVED!

Bottom Line, the more active you are within a community…the more people will recognize you!

Do you want to be known as that Spammer OR that really helpful, knowledgeable person?? <tweet this>

  • If you put in zero effort… you will get ZERO results!
  • If you put all your efforts into advertisements… you will get ZERO results!
  • If you put all of your effort into helping people, posting advice, responding to questions etc… you will get new customers!


Sacramento Social Media Marketing is All About You

Without YOU (The business owner) Social Media Marketing DOES NOT WORK! <tweet this>

Advertising on Social Media is a waste of money… Engage and you will be rewarded <tweet this>

If you own a business, then you probably get email every day from people offering you Guaranteed First Page of Google, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you know most (if not all) are scammers and really just want your money without  providing any results. Recently we are starting to see more and more “Social Media Marketing Experts” for hire that will drive a HUGE amount of traffic and new customers from Social Media… bottom line… IT IS A SCAM!

Yes, there are a massive amount of people spending a ridiculous amount of time on Social Media… <tweet this>

It’s true that in today’s world a massive amount of people spend hours per day on Social Media… so it stands to reason that marketing people have been trying to tap into all those eyeballs for advertising… however, sites like Facebook that are doing everything they possibly can to monetize their site and are failing miserably. Face it… we DON’T want to look at any advertising when we are on our Social Media!!

So as a business owner, if you have been curious as to  how well advertising on Facebook would work… the answer is simple… It DOESN’T! Let me ask you a question… when was the last time (if ever) you clicked on an Ad on Social Media? My guess…. NEVER! So why would you think your customers will click on your ads?

You are more likely to do business with someone you Know, Like & Trust! <tweet this>

“About Us” or “About Me” pages are the most visited pages on the majority of small business websites, not counting the “Home” or landing page. Why? Because people want to know who they are doing business with… especially in local small businesses.

This is exactly why Social Media is such a GREAT place to get new business.. IF you are part of the conversation!

What’s the Secret to Successful Social Media Marketing?? Simple!! Engage! <tweet this>

Consider this… As humans, we like meeting and getting to know other humans… right?? That’s why Social Media is so popular in the first place!

It is easy to be active in Social Media:

  • Reading what other people (your potential customers) are posting… then responding with Comments, +1’s and “Likes”
  • Post Interesting articles that you find
  • Post your opinions of what “News” is going on.. especially local news
  • Post your blog posts and ask for people’s opinions
  • ENGAGE in conversations with your potential customers!

(Almost) GUARANTEED new business from Social Media! <tweet this>

I know… I know… Most of the time when you see “Guaranteed Results” it is a scam to get your money… well if you notice… we are not asking for any money here… so PAY ATTENTION!

You will get a MASSIVE amount of NEW BUSINESS from Social Media  if you follow this one simple process… <Tweet this>

     Step 1:  Ask each and every one of your customers if you can connect on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+)

     Step 2:  Make sure YOU send a “Friend”, “Follow” or “Circle” your clients. Don’t wait for them to connect with you… The best way to do this is to use your smartphone and connect with them on the spot!

     Step 3:  Once connected, ASK for a “Review” or a “Testimonial” of their experience with your business…

     Step 4:  Make sure you do Step 3!

     Step 5:  Comment and/or respond to the “Review” or “Testimonial” from your customer

NOTHING BEATS a personal recommendation!!! <tweet this>

Think about this… movie studios spend millions of dollars promoting new movies on TV, Radio, Google, YouTube, Social Media etc… but if just one of your “trusted” friends says… “I saw that, it sucked” you will re-think going to see the movie in the theater… you might just wait for it to come out on Netflix…

The personal recommendation or referral is very very powerful, however MOST businesses fail to ASK their customers about their experience. Fewer still ask for people to post their experience on Social Media!

If you have followed the simple 5 step process and people are still not posting on your behalf, then you can ask them on their time  line using the @ or + and their name.. (you can use a direct message, however calling them out on their timeline usually gets a better response).. Don’t be mean, simply ask “How did you like you meal” or Car repair or what ever you do… When they respond, make sure you read and respond to them… this will show the people they are connected to that you actually care about your business and your customers…

Bottom line: Yes, this takes time and yes it’s a pain in the butt… however, this above all other Social Media Marketing techniques WORKS and works very well.

NOTE: This works best if YOU the business owner does the work (greeting customers, asking to connect on Social Media AND following up online)… yes you can hire someone to do it for you, however don’t be surprised if you don’t get the results you are looking for.  Few people have the knowledge and passion you have for your business… and people (especially Humans) respond very well to passion and knowledge. If you are not going to do this yourself, the next best thing would be your manager or who every you have greeting people and asking to connect with them on Social Media…