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Add Live Chat to your WordPress Website | Sacramento Web Design

Add the power of Live Chat to your WordPress Website for FREE!
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If you are a business owner than you understand that answering a question quickly for a potential customer can make all the difference in your “bottom line”.

We are in the age of “I want it NOW!” <tweet this>

Let’s face it, we are part of the “Get it Now!” generation… and when we have a question we want it answered now… not within 24 hrs… not even within 5 min! NOW!

Well the argument could be made that people could simply pick up the phone and call with their question… and if your client base is 30+ then that is a reasonable expectation… however more and more, people want to “Text” a question and get an answer within seconds… then make their decision… and move on.

Adding Live Chat to you website can and will make a difference in your bottom line! <tweet this>

Live Chat gives you the ability to answer someones question quickly directly from your website…. and if you use the  Flexytalk widget it is 100% FREE!  This widget will also place a “Live Chat” page on your Facebook business page, so people can “Live Chat” with you right from your Facebook page!

But wait… There is more!  The Flexytalk widget uses Gmail Chat to power your “Live Chat” so if you have Gmail set up on your phone with the Chat feature engaged.. you can Live Chat with people from your website or Facebook using your mobile phone!!  SWEET!

Ok, Ok I want it… how to I make Live Chat work on my website? <tweet this>

Simple….  First, you will need to have a Gmail account. Now you can use a Google Apps Gmail account but it gets really complicated and requires changing DNS records with your web host… so if that is the way you would like to go then visit the Flexytalk website.  If you already have a gmail account, then it is really easy to set up your WordPress site.

Start by logging into you WordPress Website, then go to “Plugins” – “Add New” and do a search for “Flexytalk – Live Chat”  and install the widget… follow the directions…  simple!

Give it a try… really it is not that difficult!  But if you do have problems or just want someone to set it up for you…
give us a call at (916) 672-8581 or go to Solid Marketing

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