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The secret to a successful small business is not rocket science… it’s planning <tweet this>

Success formula: Offer what people want, provide it at a reasonable price and make sure everyone knows you have it.
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The success formula seems simple… and well… it is! However, it’s not so simple actually implementing it correctly!

In the past, the 3 most important things in starting a new business were… “Location, Location, Location”. The physical location of  a new local business used to be THE most important “advertising” for getting new business and to a point… still is, however in today’s world I would argue that it is even more important to have the best “Location” on Google Search.

If you can dominate the search results on Google for the “Keywords” or “Keyword Phrases” that relate to your business, then you will have a steady stream of new customers hitting your website…. so as long as you have a good website that is compelling, and offers some kind of incentive to “give you a try” then you should have no problem building your business.

Wait… did you miss it?? There is that MASSIVELY HUGE word again… IF…

So IF you can dominate the search results…  your customers will come. Much easier said than done I’m afraid… This entire website (http://SmallBusiness– has been dedicated to helping you achieve your goals on dominating the search results on Google. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process is neither quick nor easy, it requires work and keeping up with the current trends.

Personally I cannot see how a small business owner could possibly be able to do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) AND the Social Media Engagement required to dominate the search results… how could they possibly have the time? The truth is, that most of the small businesses that do their own SEO end up not having very good results, thus they don’t get the business they need to increase business.

Be a “MOBILE FIRST” business! It’s 2013 people… the Smartphone is taking over the world… and your business is getting lost! <tweet this>

By the end of 2013 more searches will be done on mobile devices (Smart Phones & Tablets) than will be done on computers… Is your business easy to find on mobile search?? <tweet this>

It’s easy to find out what your customers are seeing when they search for you using their mobile device… use yours! Choose the keyword phrases people would use to find your business on Google (yes Google… Google owns 98% of mobile search). No sure what keywords you should be looking for?? Click here and learn how to use the Google Keyword tool!!


If you cannot see your business listed on the first page of mobile results… NEITHER CAN YOUR CUSTOMERS!!  You are loosing business every min of every day! <tweet this>

Time is money folks, hire into your weaknesses <tweet this>

One of the best pieces of business advice I ever got was “Hire your Weaknesses”… so what does it mean??  Simple, you are an expert at what you do.. your business.. no matter what that business is (and you better be if you are going to have a chance in hell of surviving as a small business!!).  However, YOU CANT BE AN EXPERT at everything! You need to have someone that is an expert in Taxes, in legal matters, in Insurance etc… and most importantly in MARKETING!

Hiring someone that is in your are to market your business only makes sense… they know the area and they know what works and what doesn’t… if you go be the best YOU, you can be and have GREAT people to handle the stuff you are not good at, you now have a winning combination!

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy… be part of the solution <tweet this>

It’s estimated that small businesses employ of 90% of Americans, so with everyone directing their spending at big chain stores like Walmart, Target and the like, is it any wonder that  1 out of 5 people are unemployed?

80% of every dollar spent at a locally owned and run business stays in your community!! <tweet this>

Did you realize that 60% of the money you spend at a chain store like Walmart or Target gets sent out of your community?? These and other interesting facts are here (

All is not lost yet… YOU can make a difference! If YOU, change your shopping habits to redirect the money you are spending to locally owned and operated businesses, and encourage others to do the same thing, WE can change our economy…. even without the governments help or approval!  You see, if YOU and all of your friends, and ME and all of my friends (and so on) spend our hard earned money at locally owned businesses, they will get busier…. as they get busier, they will need help… so you just helped create a local job… and so on… it’s simple really!

If you are a local small business owner… Lead by Example! Shop Local and support other businesses that do the same thing! <tweet this>

Hire local…. if you hire someone from the neighborhood, then other local people will buy from you to support their friends…

Even if you are so small that you cannot hire any employees, then at least hire local professionals to help you with your business… Local CPA’s, Lawyers, Marketing People etc… Again, your money, spent locally will stay in the local community and will benefit everyone… locally!

Bottom Line: What’s the secret to a successful small business?? Hire experts in areas you are not good at and make sure you get a GREAT SEO person on company! Deal with local people and spend your money with locally owned and operated small businesses whenever possible to keep the money in YOUR community. Help and encourage others to do the same thing… Together we are stronger!!


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