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Google ranks pages, not websites based on RELEVANCY! <tweet this>

How Relevant is your page to the search term or phrase that was entered?

Since day 1, Google’s search ranking has always been based on 1 word “Relevancy”. They knew that if the results you received when you put in a search word (keyword or phrase) was exactly what you were looking for, you would never use any other search engine… and you know what?? IT WORKED! Google has never strayed from their root purpose… only their methods and sophistication has changed.

You need to GRASP this concept!!

Google ranks individual web pages and blog posts as to the relevancy of the content within the page. So you should treat every page and every post you do as a complete website.

Choosing the right URL, Page Title, Description, Keywords, Keyword rich content and also links to other relevant pages within your website are all EXTREMELY important to getting your website ranked.

Remember there are over a Trillion websites out there… How many is that? Look at the graphic below… (BTW that’s with $100 bills, so multiply what you see by 100!)


Recently there has been much discussion on the newest change in Google’s Algorithm (Penguin) and the “New” direction. For those of you that practice “White Hat” SEO techniques, none of your sites were effected by Penguin (or at least they should not of been)…. I know that everything we have done is all holding rankings.

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For those of you that are still concerned with how your site or pages rank in Bing, Yahoo and other search engines… don’t worry about it!!! IF you achieve a good ranking in Google search, you will also have a good or even great ranking in all of the other search engines… as they are all trying to copy what Google does.

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