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Is Google Caffeine Effecting Your Search Rankings? Sacramento Local Small Business Marketing & SEO

First it was Google Panda, then Penguin, and now Caffeine has SEO companies running around like chickens with their heads cut off…
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Over the past 2 weeks we have seen some major changes once again from Google attempting to “clean up” search and deliver better results, has it worked?
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Most people forget that Google search is based on one simple word…. relevancy.

From the beginning Google’s #1 goal has been to return the most relevant results for the search query… Google’s ability to deliver the results you are looking for quickly is EXACTLY why they have grown to be the largest search engine on the planet…

Google Caffeine IS NOT an algorithm change… it is a change in the way websites are indexed! <tweet this>

The “SEO” to take advantage of Google Caffeine is really simple…

  • Make sure your website is focused on what you have to offer
  • Make sure the content on your site is RELEVANT!
  • Make sure your site is as fast as possible (yes speed counts!)
  • New RELATIVE content weekly (or daily is even better!)

The design of your website along with the speed that the information is presented is the whole key to Google Caffeine.

TIP: Remove or reduce the amount and size of the pictures on your website, this will help with speed

For many years now SEO companies have been “gaming” the Google system to achieve artificial rankings… at the heart of these champagnes has been massive link building campaigns to dummy sites and/or back linking from WordPress sites (in the comments) has been a common practice… and for a time worked very well, however that is no longer the case!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become big business with other big businesses paying huge amounts of money every month to achieve and keep their rankings… artificial or not…  but like all big business, it is slow to change, and in the REAL world of SEO, you need to be quick responding and flexible.

The truth is that many businesses have come through Panda and Penguin unaffected due to a lack of hard core SEO… OR they had a really good SEO company (or person) that understood that doing the right thing and not trying to “game the system”  would turn out better for their clients in the long run.

Every time Google makes an announced major change in their search algorithm it generates panic within the SEO community…  <tweet this>

Throughout the past year plus that Google has been “tweaking” the search algorithm, our results and our customers results have only gotten better… WHY? Because we don’t jump on any “bandwagons”, we don’t do massive link building campaigns… and we don’t try to “game the system”!!

What we do is simple… we pay close attention to what results are currently ranking and from where are those results being pulled. We then adjust our strategy to align with what Google is currently looking for… we test, and then we test some more… It’s not rocket science…  it’s actual work!

If you have been paying any attention to Google Search Results, you will of noticed the results of Google Authorship <tweet this>

Google Authorship is simply the MOST powerful marketing tool any company has at their disposal currently, however most businesses refuse to take advantage of this powerful system.  <tweet this>

Still not sure what Google Authorship is? Take a look at the screen shot below, you will see Google Authorship in action…

Google Authorship Paul Dilley Fast RankingsThis is the perfect example of Google Authorship… The Headline pulled right from the blog post, the picture pulled from my Google+ page and a link back to the blog post AND my Google+ page… This search ranking posted on page 1 of Google in less than 4 hours after I posted it.

Bottom Line: If your company has been effected by Google Panda, Penguin and/or Caffeine… then you need a new SEO company with a better strategy!!

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