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Mobile Phone Marketing 2013 | Sacramento Small Business Marketing & SEO

The Mobile Phone has taken over… Communication, Search, Social Media, Shopping and more… <tweet this>

If your business is not doing any Mobile Phone Marketing you are shooting yourself in the foot!! <tweet this>

If it aint broke, don’t fix it… no longer works in 2013! YOU NEED a Mobile Phone Marketing Program FAST! <tweet this>

Ok, so Mobile Phone Search has not yet surpassed online search… but it looks like it will by 2014!! <tweet this>

In today’s world… the pic below is typical of people everywhere! Admit it… you are one of them…

Sacramento marketing seo local small business The mobile phone is taking over the world

The Mobile Phone has become such an integrated part of our daily lives that chiropractors may soon have a new neck condition to deal with!

Google and Nielsen have published research showing just how important mobile has become in the buying process.

See the full study:

Here are five of the studies most compelling mobile search stats and tips for leveraging the mobile revolution:

Convenience and Speed - Mobile Searches - Google Survey

Most searches on mobile devices occur because of how quickly people can access them. Remember, humans are basically lazy… so booting up a computer to do a quick search is no longer happening… people are reaching for their mobile phones instead.

1. 81% of people prefer mobile search for convenience and speed <tweet this>

We have all done it… been at work or home with access to a computer to do a search.. but grab our mobile phone because it’s within arms reach… only to be frustrated with the results. Because most businesses do not have a mobile phone marketing program AND a mobile phone optimized web site… even if you find the info you are looking for, the websites are slow and hard to navigate.

The lesson here is to provide the information mobile searchers are looking for on a mobile optimized website that concentrates on the speed and convenience that smartphones provide.

Your content should address customer problems outlined in quick-hitting, need-based search queries. View analytic data from mobile devices, the search terms they use and the landing pages at which they arrive.

 2. 45% of mobile searches are “goal-oriented” and “locally targeted” <tweet this>

Because searchers have a goal in mind—whether it’s too research or purchase—your mobile website should be ready for them. Testing your mobile site to ensure it is accessible for everything a mobile visitor might need from white papers to demos to easy checkout. Don’t forget an easy way to find you… an address is ok, but a link to a Google Map will give them driving direction!!

Note: Use “click-to-call” tracking with your phone number on your site and tie that into Google Analytics.

3. 17% of people make a purchase after a mobile search! Can people purchase directly off of your mobile website?? <tweet this>

When people conduct a mobile search, they may be near the end of the buying cycle and ready to convert. If your mobile website is not set up to make that sale… you just lost money!

Since 52 percent of those purchases occurred in a store, be sure to make basic information like your address, a map, phone number, and your business hours are easy to find for brick and mortar locations.

Don’t forget to include enough in-depth content to make the sale, though. Of purchases made after a mobile search, 17 percent occurred on a mobile device.

Only 17 percent of mobile searches occur on the go. More than three-quarters occur when people are close to a computer.

4. Only 12% of the population use mobile phones because they lack a computer <tweet this>

Since people tend to believe that the convenience of a smartphone trumps the larger screen of a computer, you must ready your website for mobile.

Consider using responsive design, a method that fits your website to whatever size screen the visitor uses. Another way to appeal to mobile users is to create customized sites for smartphones, tablets and computers.

Note: Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Responsive designs automate what your customers see… however they do not give you any control…

5. 77% of mobile searches occur at home or work while near a computer! <tweet this>

Mobile Search Locations - Google Survey

Mobile doesn’t always mean on-the-go. You may think your product, service or company isn’t conducive to mobile, but mobile is where your customers are searching even when they have access to a computer. Therefore your site needs to be mobile friendly… PERIOD!

Not a day goes by where I don’t use my mobile phone for something… either checking in, searching for something, getting directions to a meeting, or simply spending time on Social Media…

Think of this… if you are running late in the morning, however you realize after you left that you forgot your wallet, more than likely you won’t go back for it… but if it was your mobile phone you forgot… you would turn around! (Admitting it is the first step…)

Note: Be wary of creating a mobile site ( as it harms SEO!


Bottom Line: It’s not too late, but EVERY businesses should have already prepared for mobile well before the start of 2013. Have YOU?? <tweet this>


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