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Sacramento Marketing | 10 Twitter tools that will make you more effective and efficient

10 Twitter tools that will make you more effective and efficient <tweet this>

To become the most efficient and effective Twitter power user, you have to use the right tools so you can get the most visibility.

  • Buffer – If you tend to do all your tweeting in bursts, you probably are losing some traffic. Use Buffer and you’ll have a more balanced tweeting schedule throughout the day.
  • TweetWally – This is a great tool to help you search for relevant tweets or hash tags, build a presentation (or “wall”) of these tweets and then share them. Great for teachers or researchers, as well as a power user’s blog.
  • Tweriod – Use Tweriod to see when you tweet and when your friends tweet. Then tweet during those times to increase engagement.
  • – This Twitter tool in beta does one simple thing: it analyzes your entire followers’ tweets, boils them down and shares with you the most shared links. You can use this information to spot trends and blog and tweet ideas.Small Business SEO, Local SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Twitsprout – This robust Twitter analytics tool is easy to use and endorsed by big media like Mashable and Fox News. It gives you the relevant competitive intelligence all in one location and even allows you to take that information anywhere. You can enroll 3 Twitter accounts or less for free.
  • Proxlet – Here’s what Robert Scoble had to say about Proxlet: “one of the best things I’ve found lately is @proxlet — lets you filter Tweets in Google Chrome. Get rid of spam!” You can also block apps, mute users and filter hash tags.
  • BackTweets – This little analytic tool, recently acquired by Twitter, allows you to track everyone who has shared your content.
  • Tweepi – If you’ve got a Twitter account where you are following too many people and want to clean up the mess, then Tweepi can help you. It flushes the unfollwers, cleans up the inactives and nudges you to follow new users.
  • Twilerts – Receive emails when you, your product, brand or business is mentioned on Twitter. Sign up, create filters and you can stay on top of your reputation management game. It’s like Google Alerts for Twitter.
  • ChittyChat – Get a room. That’s ChittyChat’s slogan and it offers Twitter users the chance to engage in a conversation in “private,” allowing you to communicate directly with them instead of using “mentions.”

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What are your favorite Twitter tools?

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