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10 Ways to be more interesting on Twitter <tweet this>

Nobody wants to follow a boring Twitter user.

The cool thing about Twitter is you don’t have to always create the interesting content…you just have to know how to share it!

  • Be bold – First things, first. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, opinions, ideas and your life on Twitter. I don’t recommend sharing what you ate for lunch…unless it’s something bizarre. Bad morning? Share it, but with a twist that shows people something unusual.
  • Post less – While interesting people do tend to have a lot to say…sharing every single thing on your mind or what you come across on the web will push away some followers.
  • Flesh out your profile – Your Twitter bio is a great place to show how interesting you are. Make a list of the things you love and hate. Explain what you did in the past, what you are doing now and what you want to do in the future. Whatever it is, share it. Do not have an empty bio.
  • Use the 1/9 tweet rule – Most people use Twitter to promote. If that’s you, get in the habit of sharing 9 posts not about you or your business for every post about you or your business. This way you don’t spam people.
  • Share your opinions – I love to follow and read other people’s opinions…seeing how they think and what makes them so interesting. Do the same thing and you will come across as somebody with real depth.Small Business SEO, Local SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Write a blog – Twitter is great for sharing sound bites, but sometimes there are days when you need to expand on that sound bite. For example, tweet that you are angered by Google’s new privacy policy and then push your followers to the blog post you wrote about the topic.
  • Share links – A great way to show people you have depth is to share with them what you are reading. You don’t have to focus on one topic, you can share things about your hobbies, photography, dogs, iPhones and politics. The right followers will pick up on it.
  • Ask questions – Although this is an old one, it must still be mentioned. Sharing a link alone is interesting, but sharing a link and asking a question about it gets people to actually participate in the discussion with you. Plus, people find it interesting when you ask for their opinions.
  • Share pictures – Using either yfrog, Instagram or Twitpic, post pictures on Twitter that you take throughout the day. Post pics when you are at an event or traveling to a new country. And most importantly avoid sharing pictures that are tasteless.
  • Share videos – I’ve found this to be one of the best ways to engage my followers. I guess people love to watch videos…

Twitter top 78 Tips!


What are your suggestions to be more interesting on Twitter??

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