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Case Study: Building Traffic Using Social Media and SEO on

What is the secret of drawing traffic from Social Media?  <tweet this>

Headlines! Headlines! Headlines!

Believe it or not…. 1000’s of people are NOT hanging on every post you make! <tweet this>

The attention span of the average Social Media user is shorter than my 8 year old! <tweet this>

Because most Small Business Owners will be starting their Social Media and SEO program from scratch… we decided to start a new website, with new Social Media profiles and page… then track and report back on how it is doing using the techniques outlined on this site.

This is the second post (here’s the first post in case you missed it.. click here) following the new website  (Falling On The Floor Laughing)….

Here is what we have done so far…. (and the posts that go with them)

  1. Came up with a great idea!
  2. Found the right SEO Friendly URL (Domain Name)
  3. Did the Keyword Research
  4. Built out the website using On Page SEO Tecniques
  5. Researched and Found our Social Media Handle
  6. Built out Social Media Profiles and Pages on Facebook, Google+,  Twitter and Pintrest
  7. Adding content daily, promoting every post as it is posted
  8. Engaging on Social Media when people Like, +1, Re-tweet etc…
  9. Adding more content
  10. Monetizing the site
  11. Continued work on building out new Social Media Profiles

As you can see, a lot of work has gone into the site and the promotion of the site so far… so where are we with traffic??  Currently, we are averaging about 500 unique visitors per day, with an average of 3000 page views. The average time spent on the site is just over 5 min. All in all, not bad for 10 days starting from scratch!

Where is the traffic coming from?Small Business SEO, Local SEO Search Engine Optimization

  • 22%    Google
  • 19%    Google Images
  • 16%    Facebook
  • 13%    Google+
  • 11%    Twitter
  • 8%     Pintrest
  • 11%   Other

You will notice that the majority of the traffic we are getting is coming from Google Search… No real surprise there… we own the search term “FOTFL” with 3 listings on page 1 already (not that impressive because there is very little competition… but still). The reason we get so much traffic from Google in such a short amount of time is due to the On Page SEO that we did when we built the site, and the On Page SEO that we do on every new post… plus since our main search term (keyword phrase) is “Funny Pictures” (5 million searches per month) we do a huge amount of Picture SEO… That is why Google Image Search is also a top referrer…

Check out the Social Media Pages we have built…

Now we have less than 200 people following, liking our Social Media pages…. why are we getting so much traffic?? Knowing how to post is MORE important than how many people you are connected to.

Headlines Headlines Headlines!

The secret of drawing people from Social Media to your site is having a KILLER Headline! <tweet this>

If you write a poor, boring headline… no one will respond….  Make your headline funny or sarcastic or if possible with sexual innuendo and you have a winning headline! We use the URL shortener and track the response to very post. Learn to write fantastic headlines and you will be rewarded!

moneyMonetizing Traffic:

Google Adsense is the obvious choice to start monetizing a website, and Adsense is a fine choice, however for 99% of the websites out there it’s will not generate a really good return for you. Another choice is doing affiliate links through Commission Junction (or some other service)… and if you choose the right companies to promote (based on the average person that visits your site) this is a normally a better choice  than Adsense.

BUT, for this project, we have decided that T-Shirts, Hats, Sings and Stickers are the way to go for Now we are not in the printing business, and we do not want to deal with shipping or customer service so we forged an alliance with a local company that will take the orders, process the orders, print the orders then ship the orders…. all we will do is get a small “commission” for “selling” the item.  Bottom line, we do not have to carry any inventory, do any work to produce or ship any thing and any customer service issues are dealt with… WIN!

Both the main website and the sub domain we set up for the web store are built on WordPress platforms… the Shopping cart is a free plugin and simple enough to use…. We chose a very simple theme that was built to work with the shopping cart plugin (less custom programming involved) and started making T-Shirt designs.

Within 24 hours of posting the first T-Shirt design we had the first 3 orders… now the shopping site has only been up for 2 days… and a total of 8 T-Shirts sold… so in the next update we will have some more info to share.

Like funny T-Shirts?? Check these out!!

Bottom Line:  If you want to increase your traffic and overall income, you need to spend some time on this site reading articles and posts. Everything on this site has been tested to work… all you have to do is learn how to do it and then DO IT!

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