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Do you #SocialMedia? Are you #Marketing on #Twitter #Google+?  <tweet this>

Unleash the Ridiculous power of the #hashtag!  <tweet this>

What is the #? According to Oxford Dictionaries, The picturesque name octothorpe has also been introduced: it’s said to have been invented by an employee of Bell Laboratories in the 1960s, in honor of the American athlete Jim Thorpe (with the octo- part deriving from the symbol’s eight points). In the large form in which it appears on telephones it’s sometimes called  a square. The # is also known as the “Pound Sign” (weight… not UK money)… and in the world of music… the # is also known as a “Sharp”.

All of this is very interesting… but the real POWER of the # is within Social Media where it is known as the Hashtag! <tweet this>

According to Wikipedia, the # as a hashtag was first used in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to label groups and topics, and if you are into history… go there and read about it! The short version is that in 2009 Twitter began to hyperlink all hastags to search results…. and that is why the humble # is such a MEGA POWERFUL tool today!

Many Social Media networks now recognize the #hashtag as a viable search label…  so if you are using any of these networks and NOT using #hashtags… you are MISSING OUT!

  • TwitterSmall Business SEO, Local SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Pintrest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • FriendFeed
  • Tout
  • Orkut

NOTE: Facebook does NOT recognize the #hashtag so don’t bother… Oh, and people on FB don’t know what the #hashtag means so it will only confuse them…

The real hidden power of the humble # Hashtag is reaching 1000’s of people you are not connected with! <tweet this>

People will tell you that to extend your Social Media reach you need to “Friend” or “Follow” as many people as you can… then they will add you back and then they will see what you post…. and, well, OK if you are on Facebook… yep, that is about the only way to do it without paying them for an ad….   BUT, on any of the networks that allow #Hashtags…. You can reach 1000’s or 10,000’s or even 100,000’s with each and every post! People you are NOT even connected with!

So… How do you get 1000’s to see your post?? <tweet this>

First, you have to find out the #hash tags that are popular on that particular site… I would have to say that Google+ is one of the easier sites as when you start typing #abc they will make suggestions of current hashtags that are being used…. To find out how popular any hashtag is on any site, simply do a search using the hashtag you would like to know about…. say like #marketing and see just how many people are posting under that tag, and if people are engaging (commenting, sharing, +1 ing, etc…). It should be fairly easy to tell how popular the tag is with very little effort on your part.

Also, look at the posts that others in your industry are posting… look at the hashtags they are using and research them a bit…. With a very little bit of effort on your part… you will be rewarded!

Most sites that support hashtags will also show you what is trending (top 10 most popular subjects)… This is VERY tempting to put the trending hashtags into your posts…. BUT BUT BUT… DON’T put a trending hashtag into your post UNLESS your post is related to that trending tag….. i.e.   If #Cats is trending and you put up an article on cars and label it #Cats…. you will not get any traffic from it, and it may hurt your Social Media Cred on that site…. bottom line… don’t do it… nothing good can come from it!

If you find that a trending tag IS related to your niche then JUMP ALL OVER IT! As long as the info you are posting is relevant to the #hashtag… you are golden!

Bottom line… used for Good… the humble # has Ridiculous power… use it right and you will be rewarded… <tweet this>

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