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Video Marketing For Small Business

Simple Video’s Drive New Business FAST <tweet this>

Every Day over 3 Billion videos are watched on YouTube, 100 Million are watched on YouTube Mobile! <tweet this>

In today’s digital world, videos can be made with your digital camera or even your smart phone! Free software like Microsoft Movie Maker will even take still pictures and turn them into a simple video for you in minutes! Content of the video is most important, don’t get hung up on quality! Make sure to tell your story and follow the tips & tricks in this section and your video will soon be on the first page of Google for all to see.

Small Business SEO, Local SEO Search Engine Optimization

As a local business, video can be extremely powerful…. Video can introduce you, your staff and the quality of the products and/or services you have to offer. People buy from people they like when dealing with a local small business. We have found that in the Sacramento area (and I am sure this is true everywhere) that people are willing to pay a bit more, and some times even much more to get GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and a great product or service from a small local company.

Video can and will rank quickly on Google and other search engines when properly tagged and submitted. It does not need to be professional quality, in fact the most popular and effective videos are NOT professionally done!

Online video marketing is a very cheap alternative to traditional advertising. Plus, it is a dynamic and highly effective method to promote different products or services among your customers. Just one viral video can replace multiple forms of promotions, especially if the video educates and creates an interest among your customers so that they in turn promote your business.

Why is video marketing becoming such a huge online marketing service?

Well, we all know it began with the YouTube phenomena, but now has expanded well beyond just that. With video marketing, you can easily highlight features and benefits of your products or services in the best possible manner in the shortest period of time.

Small Business SEO YouTube Video Search Engine OptimizationFor example, seeing a picture of a treadmill with a description is not nearly as effective as seeing someone on the treadmill in action. That’s why infomercials are so successful. Your customer gets to see exactly what the product can and will do in just a matter of minutes. The customer connects and can imagine how the product could benefit them.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video is worth much more. Your video can literally become viral with community submissions and social tagging overnight.

A perfect way to please Google is to upload a video on your web site. Google has introduced a concept of “universal search” where videos will be listed along with the other links on the search results page. For example if you Google “how to tie a tie” you’ll see video thumbnail listings in Google.When running a business, it is vital you do whatever it takes to get on page one of the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. So, upload a video on your web site and help your site be found in more ways than before.

You can also have a video appear as soon as a customer opens your web page. A customer can watch your video every time they come to your web site, especially if you grab their attention with a catchy headline.

Bottom Line: Video can and will help your business rank quickly on Google (and other search engines)… This is a MUST HAVE!

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