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Welcome to 2013! New Year, New Plan! How to Pull Customers from Social Media

It’s a new year, do you have a new marketing plan? <tweet this>

True Definition of Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result! <tweet this>

Let’s start with taking a really hard look at what you have been doing… Be honest..

Has the time you have spent on Social Media actually turned into Cash? For most of you, the answer is no…. Why? Because you are not doing it right!!

Sorry to be blunt… but you need help, not a shoulder to cry on!

Ok, so how do you pull actual paying customers from Social Media??

In reality it’s not that difficult… however we need to start at the beginning to make this work properly.

Let’s start with your Blog (you do have a blog right?) If not read this….  Over the past few months I have been helping people link their Blog to Google using Google Authorship. Having your blog connected to Google and Google+ using Google Authorship is critical to your success in 2013… so if you have not done it yet read this…

Once you have connected your blog using Google Authorship, then you need to start writing about your products or services. It is CRITICAL that you are not trying to SELL your product or service on your blog posts! Yes talk about your product or service… the good the bad, what your customers are saying… results, pictures etc… are all really great!! Also, “How To” posts are really great!Small Business SEO, Local SEO Search Engine Optimization

NOTE: You are the expert… people are looking f0r expert advice and your experience! The more you share about YOU, and your Experiences as regard to the products and/or services you offer… the more money you will make!

“Selling” on your blog will NOT result in sales!! <tweet this>

People do not and will not follow your blog, nor recommend it to other people they know if you are trying to SELL THEM SOMETHING!  If you post something informational about a product or service you offer… people will want to read it… and may also want to share it if the information is good. Better yet, if you have a funny story about your products or services… that is what you should be posting!! Funny gets 10x the “shares” on Social Media! If people can laugh and also learn something useful they will share it!

NOTE: Sharing, Commenting, Liking and +1’s are your goal with every post on Social Media!!

Hook, Line and Headline!

You need to become the King (or Queen) of the 1 liners!  I cannot tell you how important headlines and <tweet this> are to your blog… I am sure you have noticed them throughout this post (and all of my other posts as well).. Why you may ask??? As people are reading your page, and you bring up a good point, all they need to do is click on <tweet this> and a pre-written Twitter post complete with #hashtags and a link back to the post you are reading pops up… all you need to do is click the blue “Tweet” button…  learn more about adding tweetable links to your blog.

Make sure you are using H1, H2 and H3 tags when you post… Why? These tags help the search engines to rank your page to what is important and what is just standard text…. PLUS, it makes the text BOLD and bigger than anything else on the page. Bottom line… it makes your post easier to read for both Humans and Search Engines!

Here are some more resources to help you make better blog posts…

Once you have your Blog ready for readers… it is time to start attracting them using Social Media!

An easy way to do this, it to use the <tweet this> links you have already done. Go to your blog, click on the <tweet this> link and copy the full text (it should already be highlighted). Now if you are looking to post it on Twitter, that’s simple… just hit the blue “tweet” button… job done! If you want to share your post on other social media, simply paste in the text you copied, maybe change the description a bit or make a comment that explains your post better and post it…. the embedded link will pull info from your website onto the social media site so people have a link to get to your site and read the post.  Make sure you share the same blog post 2-3 times through the day with different headlines to pull in readers (morning, noonish and early evening). Make sure you use some kind of tracking link so you can see how well your posts are pulling readers.  Here’s the one we use… click here.

The better your headlines, the more readers you will get… simple!

Still have no clue where to start? Need help with your plan?

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